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Soft Shoe Skiffle Band

A little about the Band

Is there anyone around that can still remember the 50’s or 60’s ?!

Skiffle was hugely important in the development of British pop music, being the link between the ballads and music hall of the post World War 2 era to the beat and rock that took over in the early 60’s. The Rolling Stones and the Beatles started off doing it, so did Elton John, Brian May, Eric Clapton and many others.


Lonnie Donegan was in at the start, and while there were these other notable names, his was by far the best known Skiffle Group between 1954 and 1962. It was said then there were 10,000 skiffle groups in the UK, with roughly one in nine of the male population in one! Anyone could pick up a guitar and with a washboard and tea-chest bass, you had a skiffle group.


The Soft Shoe Skiffle Band was formed in 2003, played their first Fringe in 2004 which was successful beyond expectation. They play in care homes, centres and theatres, and do a few gigs as well. They enjoy playing and giving anyone a happy trip down memory lane. They may even have a washboard and a tea-chest bass.  

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