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Soft Shoe Skiffle Band

Line Up

The band is generally 4-5 folk drawn from the following musicians


Iain – 'Captain Banjo', plays banjo, mandolin and guitar though not generally at the same time.  Was a teacher till ceilidh and blue grass music took over


Hugh – a college lecturer originally from sunny Glasgow, though he has put up with Edinburgh folk for some years now.  Very good on bass and banjo and is close to a very nice pussy


Ken - plays upright bass, harmonica and guitar, an experienced musician also into blues and blue grass.  He likes playing in Aflat, Bflat, Eflat, in fact in flats all over town


Fred - a real livewire musician, plays bass and blues guitar.  Also he shoots and fishes, but with little success, that's why he's so slim


Kevin - an expert dobro and 12 string guitar player, has played on the same bill as Bert Jansch, Carla Lipinski and others.  He slipped into oil before becoming a business consultant


Allan - a founder member of the Woodpeckers skiffle group in the late 50's, after graduating as an industrial chemist he joined Shell working rhythmically in crop protection worldwide, and now plays washboard and percussion rhythmically


Peter - big into music and skiing and travels a lot for these, but now has no time for work.  Among other things plays bouzouki, banjo and autoharp


Norman – born in Australia, his family were sent there by the authorities for some reason; has enjoyed skiffle and pop for more than 50 years which is strange as he says he’s only 37, he also likes folk music, plays guitar and sings


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